Rack and Cloth Press and Stainless Steel Mill Combo


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This Vigo Presses Stainless Steel 1.5kW Apple Mill makes short work of milling apples and pears which are fed steadily into the hopper by hand. It produces a fine fruit pulp ideal for pressing.

  • 1.5kW/2 hp motor
  • All contact and structural parts are made from industrial grade AISI 304 stainless steel to ensure easy cleaning and a long, corrosion-free life
  • Supplied with a 6 metre length, insulated cable and moulded UK plug
  • Ideal for the enthusiastic amateur, community groups or those who want their apples crushed with minimal effort

The Rack & Cloth Screw Fruit Press is at the top end of our hobby range and the start of our commercial range of hand operated presses replicating the action of a traditional 'pack' press.

  • When used in conjunction with the Electric Mill above this press maximises juice yield (yields as high as 70-75% by weight) and is excellent for the enthusiastic amateur who wants to product large quantities of juice or cider, or co-operative cider making groups
  • Capacity: 40kg / 88lbs of milled apples, which by carrying out 3 pressings per hour, will give an daily juice yield of up to 450 litres / 100 gallons of juice, depending on the variety and ripeness of fruit
  • In place of a slatted wooden cage of the smaller presses, there is a series of wooden boards (racks) and cloths, a pressing system used by many commercial cider and juice makers
  • The crushed apples are wrapped in the strong open-weave cloths and the packs are sandwiched between the boards
  • The screw is fitted with a ratchet mechanism for ease of use and the press applies up to 12 tonnes of pressure

Rack and Cloth Press and Stainless Steel Mill Combo

After Care

With the mill running, use a hose to gently run water down the inside of the hopper. Completely disconnect mill from the electric supply, undo the wingnuts and remove the hopper. Carefully clean the blades and base plate with a hose running at a trickle and a brush, without allowing water onto the motor. Replace hopper and store in a dry place.

How It Works

Apples or pears fed into the conical hopper are pulverised by stainless steel blades. The pomace (pulp) is then discharged through the chute into your bucket. Swing the hinged cross beam off the press. Place an acacia rack on the juice tray and position the former on the rack. Drape a cloth over the former and fill the cloth with crushed apples (2" deep). Fold the edges of the cloth into the centre. Remove the former and place an acacia rack on top of the cloth, and repeat this process until you have several layers - known as a 'cheese'. There is no need to place an acacia rack on top of the final cheese.

Place the heavy wooden pressure/bearing block on top of the 'cheese', lining the screw up with metal bearing. Place the handle in the slot and use the ratchet mechanism to lower the pressure plate. The thin layers of pomace allow the juice to flow laterally to give a quick and high yield of juice. 2 buckets of at least 27.5 litre capacity will be needed to catch the juice.

Price Note

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Mill * 1.5kW/2 hp motor * All contact and structural parts are made from industrial grade AISI 304 stainless steel * Upper apple pre-pulping blades and two horizontal blades – reversible when blunted * On/off switch with emergency stop button * Safety cut-out to protect motor * Supplied with a 6 metre long insulated cable and moulded UK plug * Manufactured in accordance with EC Safety Directives and UK Standards * Height: 128cm / 50½" * Pulp discharge height: 32cm / 12½" * Width: 41cm / 16¼" * Weight: 25kg/ 55½ lbs

Press * Welded steel frame protected by a tough baked-on polyester coating, meeting British/EU safety standard EN71 toy standard * Supplied with 6 slatted, riveted acacia racks, 6 press cloths (machine washable)and a pomace scoop * Free standing heavy beech pressure plate with handles upon which a wooden block with metal bearing rests * All wood from sustainable forest plantations, seasoned and coated with food-compatible varnish * Screw fitted with ratchet mechanism for ease of use, which operates through the hinged lockable beam * Stainless steel juice tray with outlet spout * The frame feet have boltholes to enable the press to be fixed to a stand at a convenient height for pressing and juice collection * Basic Cider & Juice Making booklet by Alex Hill * A free tub of food grade grease is supplied with this press * Height: 113cm / 44½" * Width: 54cm / 21¼" * Weight: 63 kg / 139 lbs


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