Ascorbic Acid


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Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) is an antioxidant to reduce browning in apple juice production. It can be added either to crushed apples prior to pressing or to juice collected from the press. Its purpose is purely cosmetic and it will not affect the quality of the juice.

Ascorbic acid can also be used in the drying process to reduce browning of light coloured fruits and vegetables.

  • Sold in a 100g, 500g and 1kg re-sealable tub
  • Ascorbic Acid has a long shelf life
  • Use in ratio of 0.5g per 1 litre of juice produced

How It Works

  • Estimate the approximate yield of juice from your batch of apples waiting to be pressed - our juice yield table may help
  • Dissolve the required weight of ascorbic acid in a small quantity of water or the first juice from the press
  • Either stir into crushed apples before pressing or into the freshly pressed juice

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