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This high quality food drier is ideal for preserving a wide variety of fruit & vegetables

  • Complete with 4 drying trays, each of which will hold 0.34 - 0.39 kg / 12-14 oz of fruit or vegetables
  • A wide range of produce can be dried including apples, pears, berries, currants, plums, strawberries, many varieties of vegetables, tomatoes, mushrooms and herbs - download the list and drying times here
  • Running costs on average 6p per hour, depending on electricity supplier
  • Vitamins and minerals are not affected by drying and dried food produces a more intense flavour and aroma
  • Dried fruits / vegetables make ideal and delicious snacks, tasty additions to breakfast cereals, or a warming winter hot 'fruit salad'
  • Dried vegetables can be added to soups, goulash, ratatouille and stews
  • Dried herbs and edible flower petals can be used for herbal teas, or bespoke herb mixtures, or added to sea salt crystals with herb seeds and snippets of dried onion or garlic for an aromatic seasoning
  • Drying fruit / vegetables saves space in your freezer, larder shelving, or frost-free outbuildings
  • An additional set of 2 trays can be added to give a maximum capacity of 6 trays.

After Care

The trays are easy to clean as the drier is designed to help prevent the foods being dried sticking. They can be washed in warm, soapy water.

How It Works

Prepare your fruit, vegetables or herbs as specified in the instructions, lay them on the trays, assemble the trays and place the lid on top and set slide switch and timer dial to the correct setting. The drier gently and evenly fans warm, dry air through the vented trays. The drier will switch off automatically according to the time set.

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Featured as the STAR BUY product in the ‘On Test – Preserving’ article in Grow Your Own magazine, September 2013 issue by Dave Finkle: "The product comes with four drying trays, but a further two can be purchased separately for maximum output. Very neat and simple for the operator, the two control dials are foolproof. What really appeals to me are the benefits of drying. Vitamins in the food are completely unharmed unlike other methods and drying food certainly saves on storage space. Fully loaded it costs around 30p per dried batch to run. Complete with instructions for a variety of products, you can’t get it wrong… It gives you another dimension – usually preservation revolves around fruit, but this set up offers you a huge range of veg! With the added benefit of a timer, it means you can leave it to get on with the job while you are back out on your plot!" Click here to read Dave Finkle’s full article in Grow Your Own magazine, where he tried and tested some of our other preserving products!

Featured in ‘Dry goods’ article in Organic Gardening magazine by independent food writer, Ann Somerset Miles: "The fruit and vegetable drier is a smart, compact unit supplied with excellent instructions and guidance for its use. It comprises four easy-to-clean vented trays (the tray floor is solid; there are no grids to trap food). Warm, dry air is gently fanned through the trays from above. There are two controls - a temperature switch and a one-to-twelve hour timer. Each tray will hold approximately 12 oz (600g of fruit) or 14 oz (400g) of vegetables. You can combine produce of similar type so that small batches can be dried as they become available. Extra trays can be inserted (a maximum of four) if a sudden glut demands attention. In operation, the unit remains cool to the touch; there is a gentle whirring noise and delicate aroma of a productive summer potager. As the food desiccates, water is withdrawn, eliminating both fermentation and rot- and mould-forming bacteria. The flavour is concentrated, and vitamin, nutrient and mineral content is not affected. The air-stream drawn in from above is evenly heated, increasing the moisture-carrying capacity of the air which, as it spreads over the different drying trays under slightly pressurised conditions, removes moisture from the food. All you need to do is spread your prepared produce out on the trays. The trays are then stacked; the electric drying unit is positioned on top and the controls are set. The appliance switches off automatically once the set time has elapsed ... My first attempts were with herbs and flowers: majoram, sage, mint and chives, and elderflowers, calendula and rose petals for floral teas ... Then I moved onto fruit: apples, strawberries, cherries, peaches and grapes; then vegetables: carrots, shallots, onions, courgettes and green beans. As each batch came out of the drier, I nibbled; all was positively delicious." Click here to read Ann’s full article trialling our fruit & vegetable drier.


  • 4 easy to clean vented trays
  • Uniform air distribution on all levels
  • 3 temperature settings
  • 12 hour timer dial with automatic switch-off
  • 700W heating element
  • Base diameter: 35cm / 13¼"
  • Overall height: 33cm / 13"
  • Tray depth: 3.8cm / 1½"
  • Weight: 3.6 kg / 7¾ lbs

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