4.8 Litre Black Ceramic Vinegar Pot


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Our stunning ceramic pots are handmade in France for unparalleled quality and exquisite craftsmanship. They are naturally resistant to acid corrosion, making them perfect for storing and making homemade vinegar! You can use wine or cider that is not suitable for consumption and make high quality vinegar by simply adding acetic acid bacteria and allowing the liquid to mature in a pot. Why not try adding fruits, nuts and herbs to further flavour it too?

The pots have a 4.8 litre capacity, hard boxwood dispensing taps and a large opening for easy cleaning. They are made from durable, non-porous stoneware with a ceramic glaze. Maintenance is easy and they can be cleaned with warm water.

After Care


  • Don’t ever produce your vinegar at the same place where wine is fermenting.
  • For vinegar production you can use wines which already are affected by acetic bacteria. But using heavily infected wines the possibility of formation of additional infections is higher. Thus this can be very harmful for the taste and odour of your vinegar. You can never obtain a fine product by starting up with a bad product.

How It Works

Preparing the crock

  1. Place the cork and tap in a bowl and cover with warm water for 30 minutes. Put a small plate or weight over them to keep them submerged.

  2. Remove from the bowl and insert the cork carefully into the vinegar crock spout. Push and turn the tap carefully into the cork as far as it will go.

Note: Always make sure there’s enough vinegar in the crock to keep the cork and tap moist otherwise the tap will dry out and may occasionally drip or leak a small amount of vinegar

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