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Absolutely in trend again: Juice-extraction as in grandma’s times. Rich in vitamins, energy-conscious, low cost and preservative-free!

In summer and autumn, fruits like redcurrants, blackberries, grapes and prunes lure with their full flavours. To enjoy these fruits the whole year, more and more health-conscious people use traditional methods:

Fruits and water are filled in the juice extractor and get heated.

In the ascending steam, the fruits give off their juice. Via the filling hose it is possible to fill the juice directly in bottles and vessels.

The heat ensures sterility. The superior pot has an acid-resistant 2-layer enamelling and is suitable for all kinds of stoves (also for induction).

For use with fruits for juice, cordials, purees etc:

  • Perfect for extracting pure juice for drinks or jellies from: black, red & white currants; berried fruits like elderberries, loganberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries; rhubarb, hard fruits like crab apples & quinces and stoned fruits like damsons, sloes and plums. It is not suitable for citrus fruits.
  • Time saving! No need to de-stone fruits or strip stalks (crab apples and quinces need to be halved) and best of all, no need for slow, messy jelly bags.
  • By layering sugar with your fruit, delicious cordials can be made
  • Residual fruit pulp can be macerated in a blender & added to the juice to make puree or be made into jam
  • Pure juice can be used for wine-making

For steaming or blanching vegetables:

  • Excellent for steaming single or multiple vegetables to be served with a meal – approx 20mins in 1 pot
  • For blanching vegetables ready for freezing – this stops enzyme production that spoils produce & is suitable for most vegetables with the exception of leafy veg

Other uses:

  • Use the steamer for making jellied preserves
  • The steamer can also be used for cooking meat, fish and a variety of puddings
  • The base pan is ideal for making soups, chutneys, jams & marmalades or boiling large pieces of meat (chicken, ham, beef or tongue for pressing etc)

Enamel Steam Juice Extractor

How It Works

Fill the lower pan with water and place on the stove with the intermediate section over it. Fill the steamer section with fruit, place it on top, and cover with the lid. Steam from the boiling water in the pan extracts juice from the fruit; the juice is collected in the middle pan. Wearing gloves to protect your hands draw off the juice into pre-heated glass juice bottles by opening the clip on the plastic tube. Seal using plastic screw caps inverting the bottles to pasteurise the caps; store upright once cool.

For Cordials Layer the fruit with the sugar according to the recipe. See our delicious recipes

For Blanching Refer to the table of timings in the cookbook supplied

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Technical Data:

  • Type: HE 630
  • white/blue
  • pot diameter 28 cm, also suitable for induction
  • with superior, acid-resistant 2-layer enamelling
  • capacity of the fruit basket: 10 litres
  • capacity of the juice collecting vessel: 4 litres
  • complete with filling hose and clamp
  • dimensions: 38 x 32 x 43.5 cm
  • EAN: 40 01797 454003

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