Acetic Acid Bacteria for Vinegar Making


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Acetic Acid Bacterial 100ml For starting wine or cider Vinegar

Natural Vinegar can only be produced from alcoholic beverages such as cider, wine or fruit wines. Vinegar is formed by acetic bacteria out of the alcohol.

To obtain a high quality vinegar we advise you to add the acetic acid bacteria to the liquid, and keep in a warm location as acetic bacteria thrive in warmth.

Do not produce your vinegar in the same place as you wine or cider

How It Works

Acetic bacteria are aerobic (they cannot survive without air) and need oxygen also to transform ethyl alcohol into acetic acid (most important ingredient of vinegar). For that reason the container must not be filled completely and it is recommended that the opening of the container be covered by muslin..

Pour the 100ml of acetic acid bacteria along with 500ml of your product into a 1 litre container, agitate daily and after 8-10 days the first culture is ready to produce more vinegar. Pour this culture into 2 litres of your product and follow the same procedure as above. Again after 8 to 10 days the second culture can be added to 5 litres of liquid and so on until the total amount of your product is used

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