Fine Straining Bag for Vigo Presses 4.5 Litre Worktop Press


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  • Fits inside the Vigo Presses 4.5 litre Worktop Press so that juice can be strained as fruit is pressed
  • Especially good for berried fruits and soft pears

After Care

The bags are machine washable.

How It Works

Place the bag in the press cage and ensure that the rim of the bag overlaps the cage. Pour the prepared fruit in. When full, fold the cloth over the fruit to make a parcel and lower the press plate.

Price Note

This item is a ‘Small Parcel’ item - see Delivery


  • Durable, nylon mesh
  • Fine grade, 150 micron
  • 14cm x 14cm x 46cm / 5½" x 5½" x 18"

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