Bottle Rinser


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This easy to use small rinser with a plastic reservoir and push down syringe, pumps liquid into inverted bottles.

  • Use with fresh water for rinsing bottles or with a solution of steriliser (e.g. campden tablet solution) for sterilising bottles.
  • Can be used independently or on top of the 45 or 90 bottle drainer tree as pictured

Note: Used bottles that are encrusted with dried sediment should be brushed before rinsing / sterilising (see bottle brush).

Bottle Rinser

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Ian Greenfield from Our Small Farm reports: "As we have expanded our juicing operation, time has been in short supply. I like to be out picking apples or selling the juice, so all the time that can be saved in production is priceless. Our purchase of the Vigo rinser and bottle drainer tree [available separately] has transformed the preparation of the bottles and saved us so much more time than we expected. Its been a real boon and although the catalogue doesn’t say so, the tree works just as well with small bottles as the standard 75cl size. We are delighted with these."


  • Diameter: 6¾" / 17.5cm
  • Reservoir height: 3½" / 9 cm

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