Still Spirits Gin Distiller's Yeast 72g


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An active single culture yeast strain with a blend of yeast nutrients, enzyme, vitamins and trace minerals specially formulated for distilling and making gin.

This yeast strain is based on a very clean strain for a clean spirit, which makes for a perfect base spirit for infusion with botanicals and therefore gin making. The nutrient is optimised specifically for reliable fermentation of high quality spirit, and the enzyme included is specifically suited for when using non refined sugar substrates.

  • Attenuation: Very High
  • Flocculation: Low
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 15%
  • Well Suited Styles: Gin and other neutral white spirits made from sugar, grain, potato, or suitable fruit based feedstocks (apple, pears etc).

Sufficient for up to: 25 L (6.6 US Gal) Fermentation

Instructions: Leave to ferment between 12-28ºC (54-82ºF) ambient air temperature. Cooler fermentation will yield cleaner spirit.

Still Spirits Gin Distiller's Yeast 72g

How It Works

Three ways to use Pure Distilling Yeasts:

  • With Pure Sugar – use 7kg dextrose, you will achieve a different flavour and aroma profile more specific to type using these yeast.
  • With 2kg Extracts - replacing 1.5kg of the sugar with 2kg of the relevant extract (malt for whisky, wheat for vodka or molasses for Rum) will transform your spirit quality. Wherever possible this is the preferred route securing all the benefits to spirit character and aroma possible.
  • With starch raw materials - for the serious enthusiast, go back to the original starch source for the ultimate in quality and open up a new world of experimenting to create your own individual spirit style. For this option, you will need to also purchase the 4g HT Alpha Amylase sachet.

Still Spirits introduce genuine distillery yeast strains to make Whisky, Vodka, Rum, or now, Gin. The choice of yeast strain is of key importance in determining what compounds are formed during fermentation. This will affect flavour but will be more pronounced in the aroma and character of the spirit. The standard range of Turbo yeast offered is designed to produce a very neutral, smooth alcohol suitable to be used with essences to make a wide range of spirits and liqueurs

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Ingredients: Yeast nutrients, dried yeast, enzyme (amyloglucosidase), vitamins, trace minerals, anti foaming agent.

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