12 litre Press and Crusher A Combo


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Our best-selling combination of the easy to use Classic Crusher A and the 12 litre Cross Beam Press. These are firm favourites with families and community groups alike. The crusher fits perfectly onto the top of the 12 litre press, meaning apples can be milled straight into the basket. The press itself is robust and easy to use, making light work of mounds of apples. These really are in investment for life; many of our presses are still in use after twenty plus years. And don’t forget once you buy from us our expert customer service team are on hand to offer you advice and tips for many years to come.

For full details on each of these products see Classic Crusher A and 12 litre Cross Beam Press.

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NB Video shows the Classic Crusher A, 12 litre Cross Beam Press and the Stainless Steel Pasteuriser

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