30 Litre Speidel Fermenter


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This high quality 30 litre food grade polyethylene fermenter is heavier and stronger than the standard model and therefore suitable for longer term storage of cider and wine.

The Speidel fermenter can also be used for the overnight settling of juice (when excess sediment precipitates out of the juice). Fit with a tap (which we supply separately) so that settled juice can be tapped off into bottles or bag in boxes without disturbing the layer of sediment that has been deposited at the bottom of the tank.

Fermenter also supplied with:

  • Outlet blanking cap
  • Airlock and bung
  • Robust carrying handles

Bung colour may vary

Tip: Use in conjunction with the 2 Nozzle Bottle Filler for speedy bottling.

Note: Tap sold separately

30 Litre Speidel Fermenter

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  • Smooth internal surfaces for easy cleaning without chemicals
  • Wide top opening for easy access
  • Airtight seals and screw top lid to preserve quality of contents in long term
  • Large airlock
  • Thick walls to preserve flavour and restrict oxidisation
  • Compact stable construction
  • Two comfortable carrying handles for ease of use
  • Bottom outlet to which an outlet tap may be fitted for final emptying of contents into bag in boxes - this can be done after the racking process has been completed and the cider is clear of sediment
  • Height: 48cm / 19"
  • Height with airlock: 68.5cm / 27"
  • Diameter: 34cm / 13¼"
  • Capacity: 30 litres / Just over 6½ gallons

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