Speidel Electric 2.2kW Apple Mill


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The most powerful electric mill on the market, this 2.2kW/2.9 hp can mill whole buckets of apples and pears into a perfect pulp that will give an incredibly high juice yield.

  • The ONLY non-industrial centrifugal mill on the market that can deal with full buckets of whole apples at once!
  • Powerful 2.2kW/2.9 hp motor
  • An orchard favourite, ideal for those who have lots of fruit to mill, the enthusiastic amateur, community groups, or for use at a 'commercial' starter level
  • If used in conjunction with a Hydropress or the Rack & Cloth Press, a 70 to 75% juice yield can be achieved and up to 450 litres / 100 gallons of juice can be pressed in a day!
  • Heavy duty plastic hopper with ultra-smooth inside for easy cleaning
  • Supplied with a 6 metre length, insulated cable, moulded UK plug and moulded Sckuko socket

FREE DELIVERY (UK Mainland - see below)

Speidel Electric 2.2kW Apple Mill

After Care

Disconnect mill from electric supply, unclip and remove the hopper. Clean the hopper, discharge chute, and blades with fresh water. Store in a dry place.

How It Works

Apples or pears fed into the conical hopper are pulverised by stainless steel blades. The pomace (pulp) is then discharged through the chute into your bucket.

Price Note

Free delivery on this item - geographical restrictions & conditions apply, see Delivery. For Eire & the Channel Islands, this item is a Large Item - see Delivery for charges.


Mike's feedback, November: "I ordered the Centrifugal Mill, the 90 litre Hydropress and the Stainless Steel pasteuriser, the expertise and advice from Vigo was first class... All of the equipment was put to use the following Saturday, we made 160 litres of cider and 30 litres of apple juice… I am absolutely delighted with all of the equipment and the service from Vigo."

Chris' feedback: "We had been using a garden chipper shredder and not only was it hard to use (it got blocked way too often), but juice got into the motor and it died with a bang! We were lucky no one was hurt. The Centrifugal Mill has never blocked up, however hard we try." IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM VIGO ABOUT GARDEN SHREDDERS: Chris referred to using a garden shredder prior to purchasing the Centrifugal Mill. Garden shredders are not recommended for crushing fruit. There are 2 reasons for this: 1. The components inside garden shredders are not designed for use with fruit. Mild steel will contaminate the juice and it is quite likely that, if the steel is painted, the paint will not be suitable for food use, possibly containing levels of contaminants above permitted levels. It is therefore possible that juice produced from apples that have been through a garden shredder could be poisonous. 2. Garden shredders are not designed for use with apples. Crushed apples release copious amounts of juice. Garden shredders may not be sealed to resist this juice and will probably not be built to the electrical safety levels required for fruit crushing. At the very least the juice may damage the garden shredder and at the very worst the machine may damage the user through electrocution. We strongly advise against using a garden shredder for crushing fruit.


  • Heavy duty PE food-grade plastic hopper and discharge chute (recyclable), with ultra smooth, easy clean internal surface
  • Stainless steel, reversible hardened blades
  • Stable base on three splayed feet which encloses motor
  • Wheel on back foot to ease manoeuvring
  • Manufactured in accordance with EC Safety Directives and Standards
  • Powered by 2,800 rpm, 2.2 kW/2.9 hp single phase motor, to make short work of large quantities of fruit
  • 6 metre long insulated cable, moulded UK plug and moulded Sckuko socket
  • On/off switch with lock-out feature
  • Safety cut-out to protect motor
  • Height: 125cm / 49¼"
  • Pulp discharge height: 38cm / 14¾"
  • Width: 58.6cm / 23"
  • Weight: 25kg / 55½ lbs


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Fantastic Mill 5 Star

My favourite bit of equipment. Makes milling an easy job. Can mill upto a tonne of fruit an hour. Easy to use,easy to clean down. Allow mill to get up to full speed before pouring in fruit. A good investment you won’t regret buying.