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The Naked Guide to Cider includes more than 200 listings of cider producers, pubs, specialist shops and cider organisations as well as a colour section and a new fold-out cover map of Bristol's finest cider pubs. The Naked Guide to Cider is one of Tangent's best-selling titles and has enjoyed its success alongside the cider and perry boom. Today's new generation of cider enthusiasts want to do more than just drink cider. As sales of small-scale mills and presses show, they want to make cider for themselves. They also want to explore cider country - to drink in legendary cider pubs and learn about orchards and apple varieties. Today's consumers want experiences as much as products. They want to get involved, to make and discover things for themselves, and The Naked Guide to Cider will show them how. This is a new kind of cider book for a new generation of cider lovers. It is a guide book, but not like a CAMRA guide. The Naked Guide to Cider will introduce cider lovers to the history and culture of their favourite tipple, and demonstrate, with clear step-by-step instructions, how to make their own cider. Martin Thatcher, Managing Director of Thatchers said: "The Naked Guides are a well established brand and the modern, witty but informative tone is ideal for the new generation of cider drinkers." The author of The Naked Guide to Cider is James Russell, an acknowledged authority on cider and orchards, who has written on the subject for Geographical Magazine, The Daily Telegraph and other publications. Manmade Eden (Redcliffe Press, 2007), his groundbreaking history of orchards, was dubbed 'a hugely enjoyable read' by BBC Countryfile Magazine. Fruit expert Joan Morgan called it, 'a thought provoking, engaging and informative book that everyone interested in the countryside will enjoy.'

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