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The Vigo Presses drill pump is a simple and inexpensive tool for moving larger volumes of juice, cider, wine and other liquids.

The cider and wine making process involves 'racking off' the clear liquid from the settled lees. With smaller volumes this can be achieved by raising the container and siphoning. However, volumes over about 30 litres are too heavy to lift and it is more convenient to use a pump.

The drill pump can also be used in conjunction with the 2 nozzle bottle filler. The filler requires the product tank (e.g. a 30/60/100/200 litre Speidel tank), to be positioned at least 30cm above the inlet of the filler. As volumes over about 30 litres are too heavy to lift, it is more convenient to use a pump.

Drill Pump

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  • Food safe stainless steel and bronze construction
  • Flow rate of up to 20 litres per minute
  • Requires standard portable electric drill
  • Supplied with ¾" (19mm) hose connections and stainless steel hose clips
  • Requires a length of ¾" clear braided food grade plastic tube (sold separately). A 5m length of tube is sufficient for transferring to and from 30/60/100/200 litre Speidel fermentation tanks provided the drill pump and tanks are positioned on the same platform and are in close proximity, as shown in the picture above. The hose will require cutting in two.

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