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Hard cider is an ancient drink that links us to the land where we live in more ways than just the apple that makes it. Tom's goal for this book is to share with you his love of hard cider and the things I have learned so far on my journey as a craft hard cider maker.

He will give you the details for making different hard cider styles at home. This will include hard cider recipes, hard cider tips, and detailed descriptions and references on the process.

The book provides you a simple hard cider recipe that minimizes the investment and effort and shows you how to expand from there. It takes you step-by-step through the process and gradually builds your confidence and understanding by adding more complex methods and elements with each new hard cider recipe. This will help you apple some of the detailed science in a natural way while enjoying the art of making hard cider.

He will also show you how to better experience hard cider. This includes guidance on how to taste hard cider as well as pair it with food. I even provide paired food and hard cider recipes for your to make. Recipes like Hard Cider Lobster Bisque paired with Oaked Granny hard cider. The book is packed with information about the history and making of cider as well as how to find and enjoy it. I've come to appreciate that hard cider is part art and part science. It isn't just an alcoholic beverage. It drives us to commune with nature, with our community, and with friends. It invites us to sit down together and break bread, to share stories, and to appreciate how apples can create a reflection of the land we love with a little art and a little science. I invite you to share in my hard cider journey and hope that hemight inspire you to create your own. Maybe like him, you'll wake up one day and realize how this simple drink of fermented apple juice has had such a huge impact on how your live and experience life. I wish you the best of luck and safe travels on your journey.

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