Apple fun!

Make the most of your assembled friends – they are a handy source of willing labour!

In return you can reward them by offering a great day out with some of these simple attractions:

  • Apple bobbing
  • Longest Apple Peel Competition
  • Apple displays of local varieties (we have some great Apple Posters at Vigo which can liven up a display)
  • Apple identification (if you have an expert in your midst!)
  • Pin the maggot on the apple (orchard version of 'pin the tail on the donkey'!)
  • Designing labels for juice bottles (kids love this one)
  • Apple Shy (orchard version of the Coconut Shy)
  • Apple print-making or making apple people
  • Drawing apple tree decorations to hang on a tree
  • Apple related cookery competitions – e.g., favourite apple cake, apple pie, etc.
  • Performances of music and poetry writing

The list is endless!

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