How to Store Cider

Mature cider should be stored in full airtight containers; it can be bottled or kept in bulk, but air must be excluded at all times to prevent spoilage.

One of the main reasons that traditional farm cider has a variable reputation for quality is that it is often served from large barrels: the first cider to be drawn off is delicious but as the air space in the barrel increases there is risk of spoilage producing a vinegary, unpleasant taste. The bag in box system is the perfect solution to the problem of cider storage and serving. As the cider is drawn from the box via the tap, the bag collapses without letting in any air, keeping the cider fresh to the last drop. Cider (or wine) will remain in good condition for weeks or months and can be drawn off by the glass.

Our bag-in-boxes are suitable for storing dry cider. Cider can be stored in these containers for up to 24 months. The disposable bag in box has a double skinned inner bag which fits into a strong cardboard box a strong secure solution.

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Note: Ciders sweetened with sugar for storage must always be pasteurised thoroughly using our pasteuriser to kill off yeasts to prevent further fermentation. Click on Pasteurising sweetened cider for more information.