How to Make the Perfect Fruit Jellies

How to Make the Perfect Fruit Jellies

Fruit jellies are the perfect addition to many meals, and are relatively easy to make. You’re going to need one of our steamers to do so, and we recommend the Mehu Liisa Fruit and Veg steamer. This steamer is the best quality multi-purpose steamer you can buy, and though there are cheaper models available, they simply don’t relate in terms of excellence and length of life.

The steamer will work to extract juice from fruit in a quick and easy way. This is a much favoured method when compared to slow straining, as it is quicker and mess-free. Using a steamer to extract juice is ideal if you are planning on creating jellies including the following fruits; currants, apples, quinces and berries. Steaming these fruits can enhance and release more flavour, helping you to make the most of your delicious fruit jellies.

Once your fruits have been steamed and all juice has extracted, you should measure and transfer to a jam pan. If you are using the Mehu Liisa Fruit and Veg Steamer, the bottom pan can be used for this purpose, and works very well. Refer to the recipe you are using and add sugar according to this. Cook as the recipe suggests or until you have reached the juices setting point, this usually takes around 10 minutes of rapid boiling. It is then that you should pour the jellies into clean, hot jars and seal as soon as possible.

The great thing about jellies is that they don’t have to remain super sweet and sickly, if this isn’t what you prefer. You can add something different to the process by adding additional herbs of choice. Popular varieties of herbs for fruit jellies include mint, thyme and sage. If you’re planning to add these, they should be added to the mixture during the cooking process.

If you don’t want herbs to remain in your jellies once served, you can tie the herbs into a muslin cloth and place this into the jellies mixture during cooking. To include the herbs into the mixture, ensure they are cut very finely for a speckled effect and no strong taste infusions when eaten!

If you’re interested in creating your own fruit jellies, we have a range of delicious recipes for you to try out using a steamer. For more information, or to get in touch regarding using a steamer or any of our products, visit our contact page or give us a call on 01404 890093.