Promoting your day!

You may wish to advertise your event. Here are some different ways....

  • Make use of parish newsletters and websites
  • Local papers are always keen for copy and will usually publish features
  • Ask schools, local shops and businesses to put up posters/displays - involve the children in make eye-catching posters for these displays

How we can help

For many years Vigo Presses has promoted Apple Days by ...

  • Providing informative juicing/cider making posters, Vigo Presses fliers & brochures - you are bound to get visitors asking how you make cider and where you got your equipment from!
  • Giving advice on equipment to start-up groups and sometimes lending it
  • Occasionally attending the odd Apple Day ourselves (although as it is our very busy season, events tend to be very local!)

Anyone considering setting up their own event for the first time this year is more than welcome to contact us, but we suggest you do this earlier rather than later before we get too busy. Please contact us via or 01404 890093.

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