How to ferment apple juice

Cider is fermented pure apple juice. Try to start with a blend of apples that give a balance between sweetness, acidity and bitterness. The level of sugar in the apples determines the potential alcohol. The juice should naturally contain sufficient sugar to give a specific gravity hydrometer reading of between 1040 and 1060, which equates to a final alcohol level between about 5% and 7.7% by volume.

Ferment the juice in fermenters with airlocks, taking care to exclude air and insects.

Fermentation will usually take three to six weeks, depending on temperature and yeast, and once it has ceased, immediately syphon the cider off the sediment into a clean fermenter. Repeat this process after a few weeks or when another sediment has formed. The cider should clear naturally.

Cider is ready to drink as soon as it tastes good. This may be immediately after fermentation or there may be need for a period of maturation, for the cider to mellow.

We supply all the equipment required for fermentation in kit form or available to purchase item by item. You will need the following:

  • fermenters - you will require an extra fermenter in addition to those full of cider as you will need to
  • syphon the cider from one fermenter to another
  • syphon tube
  • funnel
  • hydrometer
  • hydrometer jar
  • yeast
  • campden tablets to sterilise fermentation and storage equipment

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