Apple Day

Apple day falls on the 21st October every year, and on every occasion the population of the UK gather together in order to celebrate the harvest, amassing to share the greatness of apples! Events can range from the small, apple picking get together to full blown, village fetes popping up all over the country. Apple enthusiasts join together to share their recipes for juice, cider and bakes whilst trading tips on growing different apple variations. Apple Day was first made an event back in 1990, and it has continued to thrive since. The day has been celebrated every year since its creation, and has grown from a small, simple celebration of the fruit right through to huge recognition of both cultural and genetic diversity in food.

The first Apple Day celebrations were held in the Old Apple Market in Covent Garden, London. After 16 years of a lack of fruit, Apple Day brought it back to the market. Around 40 stalls were taken selling fruit, and growers and nurseries would produce and sell a huge variety of apples as well as juices and ciders. So, after this day and many hundreds of people attending, the tradition of Apple Day was born. Over the next few years, the number of events being organised around the entire country grew from around 60 events in 1991 right up to over 600 in 1999, with some attracting thousands of people.

Apple Day has continued to play a huge part in raising awareness of the importance of Orchards in the UK to the landscape and culture. Not only this, but also the origins and traceability of our food. Apple Day is the motivation behind farmers’ markets developing and helping people all over the country to value the links between our food and our land. As well as this, celebrating Apple Day couldn’t be easier. If you want to start small, why not simply make an apple pie or crumble and celebrate by revelling in your delicious bake! You could also check out if any Apple Day events are going on near you.

Perhaps you’d like to host an Apple Day event of your own. You can encourage your family and friends to try out new recipes, ciders and juices from multiple different types of apples. Purchase your apples from Apple Orchards near you to support the genetic diversity of apples not being consumed by monoculture farming.

If you’re hosting your own or know of an Apple Day event near you, let us know so we can add it to our events calendar and help spread the word. Make sure to share your event pictures with us on Facebook and Twitter, too- we’d love to see!

Creating your own Apple Day event couldn’t be easier with a communal juicing Press & Crusher from Vigo Presses. If you’d like to find out more information regarding Apple Day or creating your own juice or cider, get in touch today via our contact page or by giving us a call on 01404 890093.