How to Pasteurise Sweetened Cider

Sharp ciders can be made more palatable by sweetening to taste with sugar prior to drinking.

Ciders sweetened with sugar for storage must always be pasteurised thoroughly using our pasteuriser to kill of yeasts prevent further fermentation. We offer purpose built pasteurisers with both thermostats and timers for pasteurising cider in the bottle or in the bags for the bag-in-box.

Pasteurising in the Bottle

Fill clean glass bottles with cider and close the caps loosely, place them in the tank of the pasteuriser, fill the tank with water to the required level and set the pasteuriser to 75°C. Set the timer on the pasteuriser to 25 minutes. Once the cider inside the bottles has reached temperature, the timer will start to count down. When the timer reaches zero, the caps on the bottles can be tightened, and the bottles carefully removed and allowed to cool. Our pasteurisers hold 13 x 75cl bottles so cider can be bottled in large batches with ease.

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Pasteurising in the Bag

Alternatively, cider can be pasteurised in our 5 and 10 litre bag-in-boxes for medium term storage. With the aid of a filling stand, the bags can be filled with cider ready for pasteurisation and then sealed. Two 5 litre bags or one 10 litre bag can be pasteurised in the pasteuriser at any one time by the same process described above. Note: The 20 litre bag should not be used in the pasteuriser as the tank capacity in insufficient. The shelf life of bag-in-box cider should be 3-6 months.

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