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'Keeving' is a way of making the ultimate style of naturally sweet sparkling cider. This is traditional both in Western England and the northwest of France but, whereas it has virtually died out as a commercial proposition in the UK, it is still very much alive for the production of ‘cidre bouché’ in France. The underlying principle is to remove nutrients from the juice by complexation with pectin at an early stage, to ensure a long slow fermentation which finishes and can be bottled while still sweet and without any fear of excessive re-fermentation later.

The KLERCIDRE Kit is intended to facilitate the defecation of the musts Apple Cider with a complement of enzymes and calcium.

The kit contains sufficient pectin methyl esterase enzyme and calcium chloride to treat about 1000-1400 litres of cider apple juice.

We strongly recommend Andrew Lea’s website for more sound information about keeving and all things related to craft cider. Search for the keyword 'keeving' when on the site. Andrew's Keeving Presentation

Vigo Presses Keeving Kit

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  • Specification:

Maintain the enzyme in a cool (ideally from 4 to 8° C). Close the bottle tightly and use them quickly. The solution of CaCl2 will keep very well in temperature ambient in the closed bottle, but tends to crystallize in the cold. Follow the best before DATE indicated on the label.

Kit Contains:

  • 1 bottle of 40g pectin methyl esterase enzyme
  • 1 bottle of 0.854 Litre calcium chloride solution (36%)

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