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Juice Extractor Top for Pasteuriser - 96411

A Juice Extractor Top designed to be used with the Stainless Steel Pasteuriser.

  • Allows the extraction of pure juice from black/red/white currants, berried fruits like elderberries, loganberries, blackberries and raspberries, and hard fruits like crab apples, quinces, sloes and damsons
  • Time saving! No need to stone fruits, nor strip off stalks (crab apples and quinces need to be halved)
  • By layering sugar with your fruit, delicious cordials can be made
  • Large fruit basket
  • 7 litre / 12¼ pint juice collection container with outlet tube and clamp
  • Easy to use and maintain

A recipe leaflet, including some of Vigo Presses own favourite tried & tested recipes, is also included with the extractor top.

Price: £79.00

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Fill the Pasteuriser (available separately) with water, fill the perforated fruit basket of the Juice Extrator Top with fruit, cover with the lid, and place the the whole unit on top of the Pasteuriser. Set the thermostat of the Pasteuriser and switch it on. Steam from the boiling water in the Pasteuriser extracts juice from the fruit; the juice is collected in the enamel juice collection container. Wearing gloves to protect your hands, draw off the juice into pre-heated glass bottles by opening the clip on the plastic tube.

  • Consists of four components: plastic fitting ring, enamel juice collection container with outlet, perforated plastic fruit basket and lid.
  • Flexible plastic tube with stainless steel outlet and clip for releasing/shutting off juice flow
  • Diameter of container: 38cm / 15"
  • Overall diameter: 48cm / 19"
  • Height: 28cm / 11"
  • Weight: 3kg / 6½ lbs

Mrs Collins' feedback: “I have done quite a lot of juice extraction; mainly for use making jellies and for making wine. The juice extraction for my husband's winemaking has saved him an enormous amount of time and mess. I am very pleased with the Vigo Pasteuriser and Juice Extractor Top, wish I had bought them earlier!!!"

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