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Our Apple Juices and Cider are made naturally, just using the apples from our traditionally managed 'non sprayed' Orchards at Whimple in Devon. Our Silly Cow and Prize Bull Ciders are naturally fermented using the wild yeasts on the skins of our Devon Cider apples. No sulphites or added yeasts or preservatives, just cider apples and love......... Throughout October, the whole family, picked & pressed apples from our orchard, a ton at a time and discovered that the cider apples made delicious apple juice! We all play our part in the business & go out & about to sell our wares at farmers markets & food fares as well as selling via shops, pubs, restaurants, cafes & tea shops etc.

In the past we used to pick all of the apples in the orchard, transport & sell them to a company in Somerset, to be made into Cider, but when they started importing concentrated apple juice, our contract was cancelled. For about 5 years we let most of the apples rot on the ground, which really was a crime! Starting last year we sold a few tons of our apples to a reputable cider maker in South Devon & still do.

Paul took the initiative & decided to get another Devon based apple juice maker, to make a few hundred bottles for us, from our lovely mixed cider apples, and it was DELICIOUS! We had revived & captivated a luscious taste from the past. We set about testing the market & we sold out in no time. People, who didn't like apple juice before, suddenly became partial to ours. We had broken the stereotype of sweet & sticky stuff or sour 'clear white' juice. Everyone loved the natural rustic taste & colour. The natural tannins, (a powerful anti oxidant) gives it a honey colour.

Investing in our equipment & embarking on our own business means that we will never let our apples rot on the ground again!

We were optimistic when we set out, but could never have forecast the popularity of our products.

Marketing has been made terribly easy, our cider apple products taste so good, they sell themselves! The Hard Sell was never part of our plan anyway. Our customers like it, then want more, they tell their friends about it, then they want more. People like it so much they ask if they can sell it for us, and we haven't stopped! We're all going to be jolly busy working (& pretty worn out!) this autumn, to keep up with demand, but it's all great fun & what a delightful environment we're in and how lucky we are to be able to captivate the abundance of hedgerow goodies & delicious juicy apples and share them with everyone else.

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