Codling Moth Trap System
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Codling Moth Trap System -

Recommendations for the use of Laspeyresia pomonella Pheromone Trapping System

Species Name: Laspeyresia (Cydia) pomonella (Family: Tortricidae) Codling Moth.

Probably the most important pest of apples worldwide and also an important pest of pears, quinces and walnuts. Larvae bore into the fruits carving galleries inside. Damage may go unnoticed in the earlier part of the season because attack causes drop of young fruitlets.

Trapping Season: The traps should be placed in the orchard before the first moths normally appear and maintained until the end of the season. This is normally from April to early October. It should be noted that the exact time of insect emergence will vary with location and seasonal variation.

Codling Moth Trap System

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Trap Placement and Density for Monitoring: The traps should be placed at head height within the tree canopy and located centrally within the orchard with at least 50m between each trap. One trap should be sufficient to monitor up to 3 hectares of a uniform orchard. In the case of irregular orchards 1 trap per hectare is recommended.

Change of Lures and Trap Servicing: Lures should be changed every 6 weeks or earlier. The sticky inserts should normally be changed when the lures are changed. In situations where high insect catches or dusty conditions have led to the deterioration of the glue surface the inserts should be changed. It is recommended that at each reading the trapped insects and any other debris be removed and the glue stirred with a plastic spatula or similar implement.

Observations and Data Recording: Catches should be recorded weekly in low populations but more frequently in orchards with high populations. Record the trap catch on a trap record sheet.

Selectivity: The traps may also catch some Grapholitha molesta if the trap is near peach trees. These can be readily distinguished because of their smaller size and the lack of a bronze eye marks on the forewing which is normal for the Codling Moth.

Note: To avoid affecting the efficiency of the trapping system it is strongly recommended that traps be used for only the one species. Never use the lures for other species in this trap.

Generations: There is usually 1 generation, sometimes a second, depending on the season.

Species Name: Laspeyresia (Cydia) pomonella (Family: Tortricidae) Codling Moth.

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