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Bed Bug professional detector/trap - 43026

This trap is for the detection and monitoring of the first signs of bed bug activity only. The traps can be used in conjunction with an insecticide treatment.

Entopest bed bug traps do not contain a lure however it has been designed to favour the habitat that bed bug enjoy including a textured base for enhanced feel.

Perfect to check:

  • Hotels - place in the room on arrival
  • Loved ones care homes or hospitals
  • Student digs
  • Keep one in your hand luggage

This is a detection and monitor method only. It is not intended to treat or eradicate an active infestation.

If you have bed bugs, some may be drawn into the monitor and become trapped when they are stuck to the adhesive surface, unable to escape. That then lets you know you have bed bugs present and you need to treat.

The adhesive within the Entopest bedbug traps is formulated exclusively for bed bugs which are known to easily escape generic insect traps.

The Entopest bed bug trap has been designed for professional monitoring of bedbugs so that action can be undertaken before an infestation gets worse.

Place Entopest bedbug traps in and around the bed frame, head board and skirting frame and monitor daily.

Please remember that this trap is for the detection and monitoring of bed bug infestations only.

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  • Specification:

Simply place Bed Bug ALERT Monitors anywhere bedbugs are suspected, especially against the skirting boards at the head of the bed or carpet edges and between mattresses and monitor daily to detect problems before an infestation takes hold.

•Durable shell is resistant to weight and moisture, unlike paper monitor •Secure enclosure top is fixed onto the bottom so children and pets cannot touch the trapped bugs •Place anywhere bed bugs are suspected – under mattresses, between couch cushions, in suitcases, etc. •Long life gel The freshness of the attractant gel remains until you are ready to use •Active & Effective Detection – proprietary gel actively traps bedbugs if they are present, alerting you of any larger infestation •Discreet – small, clear monitor slips discreetly under the mattress, or into other tight spaces where bedbugs are suspected •Safe – secure top snaps into the bottom so children and pets cannot touch the trapped bugs •Easy-to-use – clear viewing window makes inspection simple •Reusable – can be checked daily, reinserted and reused •Durable – resistant to weight and moisture, unlike paper monitors •Easy entry – low-rising textured entrances encourage bug entry and harborage •Effective trap – large adhesive surface surrounds the lure. •Early detection – attracts both adult bedbugs and 2nd instar nymphs


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