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Birds and insects are major pests for growers of cherries, plums, peaches and other stone fruits, with the potential to destroy a large proportion of the crop. Many birds appear in groups, feeding on the fruit and leaving very quickly, making control difficult.

Traditional prevention methods are only a temporary solution: birds have a natural tendency to get bolder over time and quickly get used to deterrents, learning to ignore them all. Smaller trees can be covered in netting but this is difficult to get on and off and the birds can get underneath or become entangled, causing them injury or even death. It is not practical to cover larger trees

​CherryAid wraps solve the problem by allowing the gardener to cover individual branches. The reusable net fits easily and securely to the branch, and the amount of branches to be covered can be chosen rather than completely eliminating the birds' food source. The wrap has the added advantage of shielding the growing fruit from heavy rain and hail, reducing the chances of the skin splitting.

CherryAid wraps also keep out smaller (but equally destructive) pests such as wasps, aphids, ants and flies. It is possible to check the fruit without removing the net and, once ripe, it can be picked over the course of a few days rather than all at the same time, reducing the chances of wastage.

Pack contains 2 X 1 metre wrap

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