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An ingenious tool for collecting windfall apples from the ground saving the effort and strain of repeatedly bending down to pick them up by hand

  • Up to 10 or 12 apples can be collected in one roll
  • Lightweight, durable and works on flat or uneven ground where the grass is not overgrown
  • A handy tool is supplied to help empty the apple wizard
  • The Apple Wizard can be used to collect other top fruits, walnuts and even to collect golf balls and tennis balls

Apple Wizard

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Holding the handle firmly, simply roll the wire basket (the ball) over the apples on the ground - the wire spokes will be prised apart by the apples and, as the spokes revert back to their original position, the apples are gently scooped into the basket without bruising. Up to 10 -12 apples can be collected in one roll, however, as emptying the basket only takes a second, it is easier to empty it every 6 – 8 apples.

To empty the Apple Wizard, clip the tool on the side of a flexi tub or food grade bucket and press the wire basket (ball) over the tool. This prises the spokes at the bottom of the basket apart allowing the apples to tumble into the bucket.

  • The wire basket is made from industrial grade spring steel
  • The handle consists of 5 x detachable 11¼" / 29cm push-fit rods, and is made from break-resistant plastic
  • The emptying tool is made from steel
  • Height: 152cm / 5 ft
  • Wire basket: 35cm x 23½cm / 13¾” x 9¼”
  • Weight: 1¼kg / 2¾ lbs

Andrew Lea, author of Craft Cider Making, reports: "The Apple Wizard is significantly speedier than hand picking (at least on flat ground). It took me 4 minutes to pick up the same amount of apples (ca 10 kg) that took me 6 minutes by hand. Much less back-breaking. No stooping involved and no constant changes of position while kneeling on the floor! Works fine in 2 to 3 inches of grass sward. I was impressed. For one middle-aged chap working on his own, it could be just the ticket!"

Featured in the ‘On Test – Harvesting Gear’ article in Grow Your Own magazine, August 2013 issue by Dave Finkle: "Arriving in a kit-style pack, the handle needs to be assembled. Don’t be alarmed, it needed two minutes of my attention to have the wizard ready for action! What at first seems cumbersome in appearance turns out to be a cunning concept. It's designed purely with one thing in mind, the collection of the strays (windfalls) that are best used for juicing or perhaps jams." Click here to read Dave Finkle’s full article in Grow Your Own magazine, where he tried and tested some of our other harvesting tools!

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