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Apple Juice and Strain Kit - 91328

Juice and Strain™ is a simple and relatively low cost process developed by Dr Nevin Stewart for producing clear apple juice from whole apples in a domestic kitchen without fuss or mess.

It has at its core a high performance centrifugal kitchen juicer which has a spout. To this is attached a "juice containment delivery adaptor", aka a hose, (held in place by a clamp) which directs raw juice into a fine mesh nylon straining bag. This is contained within a bucket that has multiple holes drilled in its base. In turn, this sits in the top part of a 25 litre fermenting bin which has a bottom draw-off tap.

Overall, the process is whole apples in at the top and clear apple juice, by the demi john full, out at the bottom

Kit consists of:

  • Rommelsbacher Juicer ES850/E
  • Campden Tablets (50)
  • Filter bag Large Fine
  • 25 Litre Fermentation Vessel with Tap
  • Lid for 25ltr Bucket
  • 1" Clear Braided Hose 25mm x 0.3m
  • 2x 5 Litre PET Demi-John , cap and grommet
  • Yeast Sachet 7g
  • 2 x Airlock Plastic 6 Chamber
  • Hoseclip
  • 26ltr Bucket & lid
  • Straining bucket
Price: £212.90

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Wash down all equipment after use and store in a dry location.

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