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20 Litre Stainless Steel Hydropress - 89153

You will never have pressed such good juice so quickly and easily!

An energy-saving, ingeniously simple drive mechanism: Simply grind fruit, grapes or berries and fill up the hydropress. Connect a garden hose to the normal domestic water supply and turn the tap on. The tap water expands the rubber diaphragm inside the press and presses the ground fruit against the mesh basket. The pressure and pressing time can be regulated by adjusting the tap.

The rapid pressing and the short flow distance preserve the vitamins and creates a wonderful fresh juice aroma. Due to the high pressure applied, exceptionally high juice yield is achieved - even when the press basket is only partially filled.

High juice yield - less waste. All without electricity or muscle power!

The Speidel hydropress can also be used for pressing honeycomb, tomatoes, macerated tobacco or citrus fruit.

When used with apples and pears, this press is only truly effective when the fruit has been finely milled using the Speidel Mill, Fruit Shark Megalodon 2.5kW or the Vigo Presses Stainless Steel 1.5kW Apple Mill.

The hydropress is food-safe and made in Germany. To achieve a higher yield we use a perforated metal sheet with slits instead of a perforated sheet with circular holes. The press also comes with a press bag, as well as a splash guard and a GEKA adapter to ¾" internal thread.

What you will receive:

  • Press
  • Press bag
  • Splash guard
  • GEKA adapter and 1 metre of hose to a Hoselock type connector

If you would like to watch a video on how to use click here

20 Litre Stainless Steel Hydropress

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Line the stainless steel perforated cylinder with the straining sack and scoop the fruit pulp into the cylinder around the deflated rubber membrane. Clamp the strong cast lid on top of the cylinder. Connect a ½" water hose to the bottom of the press (connections supplied) and turn on the mains water pressure. The pressure of the water inflates the rubber membrane, forcing the juice out through the perforations in the cylinder into the press juice channel, and so to a waiting vessel.

The maintenance of the press is very simple: just rinse with fresh water after use and store in a dry, dark place.

  • Normal mains water pressure of 2.5 to 3 bar required
  • Perforated stainless steel cylinder
  • Inflatable neoprene membrane
  • Enamelled cast aluminium base and lid
  • Tubular steel legs
  • Fitted with pressure gauge, safety pressure relief valve and drain valve
  • Supplied with straining sack
  • Height: 82cm / 32¼"
  • Diameter: 41cm / 16¼"
  • Height from ground level to lip: 30cm / 11¾"
  • Weight: 14kgs

NB Video shows a 40 litre Hydropress, a Pomace Scoop and 40 litre Flexi Tubs


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Fantastic yield

Decided to upgrade my old 12 litre basket press. I chose a hydro press after recommendation by Mike of Rosscider (he has a tipping one). I went for the 20 litre and was hugely impressed by the extra yield. I was initially concerned about my water pressure at home but the press works so well with low tap pressure. Emptying the spent pomace is so easy, you just lift off the basket with cloth and shake it out. Great design, great engineering and a joy to use. Worth every penny. Richard from east Norfolk

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