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Manual Cream Separator 80-09 - 01003

This is a manual cream separator that produces cream, sour cream and low-fat milk. There are more products you can make but we mentioned the most popular ones.

This milk separator is completely made of metal.

You can separate the milk of cow, goat, sheep, camel and others. All parts that contact food are made of aluminum.

  • 80 litres of milk per hour
  • Aluminium and steel
  • Hand-operated

NOTE: This model is hand-operated. You need to pour 200ml of industrial oil inside the cream separator before operation to protect the gearing mechanism.

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Manual Cream Separator 80-09

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Very easy to use!

This cream separator is easy to use: just warm the milk up to 40˚C, turn the machine on and pour the milk into 12 litres milk container.

How much cream can you get?:

  • from 10 litres of raw milk you will get approx. 1 litre of cream;
  • the cream will have 10 times more butterfat than your milk. So, if your milk has 3.5% you will get cream with 35% of fat;
  • if you need cream with less butterfat, you can mix it with non-fat milk which you get during separation.
  • it is recommended to wash the disks inside the drum after every 25 litres of milk.

Capacity: 80 litres/hour

Type of power: Hand-operated

Number of disks: 12

Milk container (bowl) capacity: 12 litres

Max. fat content in skimmed milk: 0.05 %

Cream/skimmed milk proportion range: 1:4 - 1:10

Material: Aluminum

Milk container material: Aluminum

Float chamber material: Aluminum

Outlets material: Aluminum

Top bowl: Aluminium

Body material: Steel

Milk container (bowl) diameter:

Length: 36.5 cm

Width: 36.5 cm

Height: 52 cm

Weight: 8.5 kg


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