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Electric Butter Churn MBE-6 - 01007

Turn cream into butter with ease using this Butter Churn.

The MBE-6 delivers great durability as well through its polycarbonate housing and components. It has a maximum cream load of 6 litres and a minimum of 2 litres.

With a max speed of 138rpm, the MBE-6 can help you produce 100% fresh butter in 8 to 30 minutes.

Product Features:

  • SMALL BUT POWERFUL– Less than 2 ft. in height but packs a lot of strength thanks to its 350W Electrical Motor and 230V/50Hz power supply.
  • FAST – The mixer has a maximum speed of 138rpm, quick enough to turn cream into butter in 8 to 30 minutes.
  • DURABLE – Made of top-quality Polycarbonate, sturdy and long-lasting because it will never rust.
  • GREAT CAPACITY – Can process 6 litres of cream in one go, perfect for household or small business.

All parts which contact the food are made of high-quality plastic.

Electric Butter Churn MBE-6 (230V)

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Butter churn helpful tips:

  • After you get the cream from milk, put it to the fridge for 1-3 days. The cream has to ripen.
  • The best ripening temperature in summer time is 5-8 °C. In winter time is 8-10 °C.
  • The best cream temperature before processing is 14-16 °C.

  • The total capacity of cream container is 10 liters.

  • The maximal cream load is 6 litres. The minimal cream load 2 litres.
  • Butter churn MBE-6 is a choice for home and small business
  • If you are small producer, with butter churn you can offer new fresh and natural dairy products to your local market.

Max. capacity: 6 litres

Min. capacity: 2 litres

Type of power: Electrical

Power of motor: 350W

Power supply: 230V/50Hz

Max. time of one work cycle: 30 min

Min. pause between work cycles: 30 min

Time of butter making: 8-30 min

Outcome of butter from cream: 35-50%

Speed of mixer: 138 rpm

Model: MBE-6

Material: Polycarbonate

Container capacity: 10 litres

Brand: Motor Sich

Length: 28.4 cm

Width: 28.4 cm

Height: 55 cm

Weight: 8.1 kg


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