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Classic Fruit Crusher - 91101

This crusher is very easy to use and so popular with our customers that we have sold it for over 25 years. Now fitted with stainless steel cutters and rollers - the only hand apple crusher on the market with this feature! The robust, cast iron hand wheel builds up momentum making crushing so easy that children can join in [NB children must be under supervision at all times]. Fruit is crushed by the stainless steel cutters and rollers. The strong hardwood frame can fit on top of most of our presses making it simple to get the pomace into the press.

  • Rapidly reduces apples and pears to a suitable consistency suitable for pressing
  • Fits over the cage of the 12 litre, 20 litre & 36 litre presses for swift and efficient use
  • Fits over a 25 litre bucket for use with spindle presses
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • The combination of the classic Crusher A & 12 litre press is our customers' most popular set of machines.

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Halved or quartered apples or pears dropped into the hopper fall onto the blades, are cut and then crushed by the rollers when the hand-wheel is turned.

Easy to clean, simply hose down with fresh water after use.

  • Stainless steel hopper with wooden hand rest/guard
  • Fitted contra-rotating shafts with alternating stainless steel rollers and hooked blades
  • Robust, heavy duty cast iron hand-wheel
  • Height: 28cm / 11"
  • Width: 42cm / 16½"
  • Length: 60cm / 23¾"
  • Weight: 12.5kg / 27½ lbs

Note: Video shows the Classic Crusher A, 12 litre Cross Beam Press and the Stainless Steel Pasteuriser

Featured in the ‘On Test – Preserving’ article in Grow Your Own magazine, September 2013 issue by Dave Finkle: " Designed to marry up with the press it is no surprise to find they work very well together. Very durable and balanced, the crusher is a breeze to use... hardly any effort is required to macerate the fruit into the ideal pulp for pressing." Click here to read Dave Finkle’s full article in Grow Your Own magazine, where he tried and tested some of our other preserving products!

Featured in ‘Going for gold’ article in Organic Gardening magazine by Ann Somerset Miles: ”…the crushed pulp drops directly into the press, saving much sticky handling.” [When using with the 12 litre Cast Iron Press]. Click here to read Ann’s full article in Organic Gardening which also features some of our other products.

Andrew Blackford wrote in The Kitchen Garden: "Two pieces of equipment are worth their weight in gold when making cider. One is a crusher. This pulps the fruit to just the right consistency before it goes into the press. Simply cutting the fruit into slices doesn't allow the press to extract the maximum amount of juice, while a kitchen food processor goes too far to the other extreme. A smallish crusher, like the one from Vigo that we used [Classic Crusher A], is ideal for this sort of operation. Simply place it over a plastic bucket, halve or quarter the apples with a sharp knife, load the bits into the stainless steel hopper and turn the handle. The apple is mashed almost effortlessly by rotating rollers and blades ... If you prefer, you can place the crusher directly over the fruit press, assuming it's like the one we used [12 litre Cast Iron Press]."

Stephen from Surrey: "My order of the Classic Crusher arrived today, and I am delighted with the engineering quality and finish. It works perfectly, creating the "mash" for the juicing process, and I shall never again be bothered with having to store the excess fruit crop in a mouse proof location. Apple and pear juice from the freezer, what could beat that!"

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