Novatwist Plastic Screw Caps (pack of 24)
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Novatwist Plastic Screw Caps (pack of 24) -

Stylish screw on wine bottle caps with plastic shroud. Ideal for re using your empty screw top wine bottles. Fits most screw top Wine bottles with A 30mm diameter top.

Simply push on and screw to seal. The shroud is tamper evident and remains on the bottle when cap is unscrewed.

Available in Black, Burgundy, Gold, Green, Red and Silver (packs of 24)

Please call for larger quantities

Novatwist Plastic Screw Caps (pack of 24)

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  • Specification:

NOVATWIST®, the one-of-a-kind screw cap for closing wine bottles

  • Caps can be applied on automated capping line as well as manually without any tool
  • The manufacturing and recycling process of these PP/PE-based closures require less energy than aluminum making it greener (i.e., the Scandinavian countries, which are ahead on ecology, push towards the use of NOVATWIST® for obvious ecological reasons)
  • The recycling is easier as NOVATWIST® caps float (density <1) while glass/PET bottles sink (density >1). Separating the different materials is then very convenient within the recycling process. (aluminum has a density >1 and mixes with glass/PET).
  • It is visually appealing as no threads are visible (NOVATWIST® caps include a threaded insert inside)
  • PP/PE caps suffer less from denting
  • NOVATWIST® is safer (no metal edges)


  • NOVATWIST® 30H60 fits 30x60 BVS/BVP neck finishes.
Product Price inc VAT
Black (pack of 24) - 97675 £6.25 incl. VAT
Gold (pack of 24) - 97676 £6.25 incl. VAT
Burgundy (pack of 24) - 97677 £6.25 incl. VAT
Silver (pack of 24) - 97678 £6.25 incl. VAT
Green (pack of 24) - 97679 £6.25 incl. VAT
Red (pack of 24) - 97685 £6.25 incl. VAT


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