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Caps & Closures

Crown caps, wine corks and closures for a wide range of bottle and beverage types.

MCA2 Screw Caps

Screw caps for glass bottles used for juice, wine and milk. All plastic screw caps have a tamper

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Novatwist Screw Caps

Reuse your screw top wine bottles. Screw on caps with a tamper proof seal.

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Crown Caps

Tin plated steel crown caps for both beer and champagne bottles. Complete with oxygen scavenging

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Aluminium Roll On Pilfer Proof (ROPP) caps for use with a ROPP capping machine. Provides a

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PVC Shrink Capsules

PVC shrink capsules provide a secure and stylish finish to your bottles. Typically used for wine

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Cappers & Corkers

A range of solutions for the sealing and closure of bottles with crown caps, ROPP caps and

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Corks & Cages

Corks, stoppers and related accessories for sealing wine and champagne bottles. A good cork or

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Spirit Bottle Stoppers & Caps

Natural stopper corks that fit perfectly with our 35cl and 70cl Nocturne bottles. Perfect for

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