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Making Craft Cider by Simon McKie - 99035

A well organised and attractively presented book written by Simon McKie, a keen amateur cider maker with 30 years' experience making cider for home use. Simon wrote Making Craft Cider for the benefit of fellow domestic “ciderists”.

Simon writes about the history of cider. He reflects on his own practice of cider making, discussing apple selection and harvesting, pressing using Vigo equipment (12 litre Cross Beam Press & Classic Crusher; the Centrifugal Mill & Hydropress), and the process of cider making from fermentation through to bottling.

Written from an amateur’s perspective, the book provides an invaluable insight into issues of interest and concern to domestic ciderists. The book is highly recommended by Liz Copas, Cider Pomologist at Long Ashton Research Station, Orcharding Advisor for the National Association of Cider makers, and author of 'Apples - The New Pomona'.

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The book includes the following helpful sections ...

  • The processes of making cider from the pressed juice from a range of apples with differing properties - issues of measurement of specific gravity, adjusting potential alcohol, testing for acidity and the use of additives, test kits and blending are all clearly & helpfully described.
  • The techniques of making cider and the process and the progress of fermentation, including the affects of temperature variation and malolactic fermentation
  • Storage and dispensation of the cider
  • The style and sweetness of the end product
  • Bottling and pasteurisation
  • The production of bottle conditioned & sparkling cider (Méthode Champenoise)
  • An overview of cider brandy making
  • The legal aspects of production
  • Issues to do with the sale of cider
  • Festivities relating to cider making

The book has very useful appendices including ...

  • a glossary of terms
  • comprehensive lists of equipment used
  • a troubleshooting section
  • a guide to tasting methodology
  • a chart designed to record particular batches of cider production and quality & tasting notes


  • Published by The Shire Library
  • Paperback format with colour, and black & white photographs throughout
  • 112 pages


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