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The only product of its kind, RinseKit is a pressurized, portable shower that’s like having a hose to go!

  • With no pumping and no batteries, RinseKit delivers a pressurized spray for up to three minutes.
  • The RinseKit stores the strength of a regular household spigot or sink (with adapter) and can be quickly filled with hot or cold water.
  • The RinseKit’s patented design features the eon™ pressure system that holds up to 2 gallons of water with a spray nozzle that offers seven different settings from jet stream to soaking shower.
  • It comes packed with thoughtful features, including:

Compact design with a 2 gallon pressure chamber,

Built-in ruler to measure fish,

Folding handle for one-handed carrying,

Easy-to-remove lid to stand on for changing.

The RinseKit comes with a Hose Nozzle, 6′ Hose, Hose Bib Adapter, On/Off Valve, and Quick Connect.

Price: £85.00

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Easy to Fill

Rinsekit holds two gallons of hot or cold water and fills in less than 30 seconds from a standard hose connector or home sink. It has been designed to not only easily fill, but drain water quickly. In addition RinseKit also self-cleans every time you fill it with water.


The sprayer nozzle offers seven different settings and the hose is 6' long. The plastic lid detaches and turns into a pad to stand or sit on while cleaning sandy or dirty feet. The lid also has inch markers for measuring fish and can be used as a cutting board. RinsKit has a storage area to keep wet bathing suits, sun tan lotion and other items for easy access.


Rinsekit sprays water with the same pressure as a garden hose and will hold that pressure for one month. It does not require a pump to create this pressure, like other portable showers. Rinsekit also does not require any batteries to create the pressure. When filled, the 2 gallon pressure chamber fills with 65 psi of water pressure, which is the standard home pressure, in 20 seconds, and will maintain this pressure for 2-3 minutes


Each RinseKit is BPA Free so it is safe to drink from. There are also no moving parts to break or wear down. As an example, its durable materials withstood an instance where RinseKit parked and SUV on the unit without any damage. The plastic is made from virgin PE and has only two small stainless steel parts so there is no corrosion


Subject to the below conditions and exclusions, Vigo Presses warrants the RINSEKIT and the accessories included in the box (the “Product”) against defects in materials and workmanship under normal and personal use by the original end user/customer (“You”) for a period of 1 year (twelve months) from the date of the original retail purchase. Make sure to keep Your original proof of purchase since You will not be able to receive any warranty service if such proof is not provided.

This warranty is in addition to all other rights you may have under consumer protection laws and regulations in your state of purchase or residence.

What this limited warranty covers and whom it applies to:

This warranty extends only to You, (the original end user purchaser of the Product) and it is not transferable;

This warranty covers normal wear and tear during personal and non-commercial use of the Product;

This warranty applies to new products that are manufactured by or for OutSol and which are purchased from OutSol or its authorized resellers or distributors;

Warranty claims can only be made in the UK;

If You make a valid warranty claim, Vigo Presses will, at its sole option and discretion, (i) repair the Product using new or reconditioned parts, (ii) replace the Product with a new or refurbished Product; or (iii) refund the purchase price. All replaced or refunded products will be the property of Vigo Presses.

What this warranty DOES NOT cover:

Damage to the Product due to misuse or abuse;

Use of the Product for commercial purposes;

Products that have been tampered with;

Cosmetic damage, such as scratches, cracks or discoloration;

Damages caused by: (i) use of the Product outside of its intended use or specification; (ii) improper storage; (iii) contact with liquids other than water; (iv) high temperature; (v) modifications to the Product without the prior written authorization from Vigo Presses; (vi) events beyond the reasonable control of Vigo Presses; (vii) normal wear and tear; (viii) servicing of the Product by anyone other than Vigo Presses or authorized OutSol service centers

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