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Frequently Asked Questions


What is RinseKit?

  • RinseKit is a Portable Pressurized Shower that fills from a household sink or spigot

How does it get it’s pressure?

  • It captures and stores the pressure from a home sink or spigot and stores it for up to a month. RinseKit does not require any Batteries or Pumping.

How Many Gallons of Water Does a RinseKit Hold?

  • 2 US gallons (7.56 Litres)

How Heavy is It?

  • A full RinseKit weighs 24 pounds (11Kgs) and weighs 9 pounds (4kgs) when empty.

How Do I Know when the RinseKit is full of water?

  • RinseKit takes approximately 20 seconds to fill up. When you hear the water stop flowing, it’s full. Don’t worry you can’t overfill the won’t blow up!

How Long Will the Spray Last?

  • Depending on what nozzle setting you are using, it will spray between 2 and 4 minutes

Can a RinseKit Hold Hot Water?

  • Yes. A Hot Water Tap Adapter will allow you to fill up the RinseKit from a household sink with hot water.

Is the RinseKit Insulated?

  • Yes, RinseKit is Insulated. So when you fill it with hot water, it will retain enough heat to have a warm shower 6 hours later. (depending on the ambient temperature)

What are the most common uses for this RinseKit?

Cleaning up after, Surfing, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Running, Swimming, Mountain Biking, Pets, Kids, Injuries, Gardening, Diving, Car Washing, Cleaning, Misting, Drinking, Kayaking, Boating, Motocross, Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, Bodyboarding, Jet Skiing, Cooking, Dog-Sledding, Knee Boarding, Land Sailing, River Rafting, Sailing, Snow Biking, Wind Surfing, Laying Tile, Welding, A Haircut, Small Fires, A Bad Argument, etc.

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