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Crab Apple Jelly


  1. Cut freshly gathered crab apples in half and load them into the fruit basket of the steam juice extractor*.
  2. Steam, according to the manufacturers’ instructions, for about ¾ - 1 hour.
  3. Decant the extracted juice into a measuring jug; once measured transfer to a jam pan (if using the Mehu Liisa Fruit & Veg Steamer this could be the bottom pan section).
  4. Add 1lb / 450gms of sugar per 1pint / 575ml of juice and stirring well; bring gently to a rolling boil.
  5. Boil rapidly for about 10 minutes, or until setting point is reached.
  6. Pot into clean, hot jars and seal immediately.

Try it with Herbs!

You can make a variety of herb flavoured jellies by adding either finely chopped herbs directly into the boiling juice or for a flavoured clear jelly, by tying the herbs in muslin and adding, as a bouquet garni, to the juice during boiling.

Herbs like mint, sage, thyme and bay make excellent accompaniments to crab apple jelly and are delicious served with meat dishes or used to enrich sauces and gravies.

(*) The Mehu Liisa Fruit & Veg Steamer , the Stainless Steel Pasteuriser with Juice Extractor,

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