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Apple & Beetroot Juice

Apple & beetroot juice - the new wonder health drink! The health food pundits are now singing the praises of a new & unusual combination of apple and beetroot to make a blended juice. Researchers at Barts Hospital and the London School of Medicine found that beetroot juice can have as great an effect on reducing blood pressure as conventional drugs. Professor Benjamin, a consultant in Acute Medicine at the Peninsula Medical School in Plymouth, says that it is beetroot's capacity to absorb and store exceptionally high levels of nitrate that earns it the “super-root” title. Nitrates are nutrients found in soil that all plants need to build protein; our bodies covert it into nitrite and, like aspirin, its harnessed in the battle against blood pressure and in the prevention of blood clots.

So what does the juice taste like?

The blend may seem strange but it is actually quite delicious as the rich sweetness of beetroot is complemented well by tangy apples. You can vary the proportion of apple to beetroot juice to taste; some commercial juices are 80% apple to 20% beetroot whilst others are 10% apple to 90% beetroot. Again attention should be paid to acidity levels which may have to be increased by the use of Citric Acid.

How can it be made?

The easiest way of milling & pressing beetroot is the combination of Shark Megalodon which can mill the hard root vegetable very finely and Hydropress that exerts strong pressure and produces a clear bright juice.

However, with some effort, the small Pulpmaster can mill vegetables. Traditional basket presses will yield some juice but don’t exert as strong pressure as either the Rack & Cloth Press or the Hydropress range.

If you have success with that blend you may also want to try Apple & Carrot Juice – another increasingly popular juice that is packed full of vitamins!

Other Juicing Ideas

Get some inspiration for other delicious juice blends using dessert, cooking & cider apples and pears !

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