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Apple Harvest Must Haves

Here we have put together a list of must have items to make every apple harvest, smooth sailing.

Harvesting bag

An ultra-light very versatile harvesting bag for easy collection of hard fruits. Hands free carrying. You can even rinse the fruit in the bag! Welded rubber mesh to minimise bruising


Wolf Fruit Picker

An ingenious device for picking apples designed for use with the Wolf Telescopic Handle. When used with the Wolf Telescopic Handle you won't need to use a ladder as it will reach heights of over 4m / 13 feet.


Flexi Tubs

A green, 40 litre flexible tub with handles, ideal for gathering apples, receiving apple pulp from the Centrifugal Mill.


Apple Wizard

An ingenious tool for collecting windfall apples from the ground saving the effort and strain of repeatedly bending down to pick them up by hand.


Orchard Ladder

These light, stable, aluminium tripod ladders are suitable for all types of orchard work, giving access right into the crown of fruit trees.


Apple sacks

Green woven polypropylene bag. Although this sack can be used for almost any requirement, it is ideal for apple picking applications


Cider Making Kits

This superior kit is suitable for cider makers who want to make and store 25 to 30 litres of top quality cider.

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Apple Juice Kits

The Standard Kit - All you need to preserve you juice in glass bottles.

Check out our other kit options here: Buy

Fruit Catching Nets

It’s a super handy apple catcher! It collects the windfalls and makes harvesting easier. It works even when you are not there.


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