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How do I preserve my apple juice?

You've pressed the apples from your very own trees and have oodles of delicious apple juice, but the clock starts ticking and you have 2 or 3 days before it begins to ferment, even if it is stored in the fridge. We always say that you should never underestimate the amount of apple juice that can be drunk by adults and children alike, but you might want to drink it at a more leisurely pace!

Here's how you can make your juice last much longer ...


Freezing the juice is an option but freezer capacity might be tight and you may not want the hassle of waiting for the juice to defrost every time you run out.


Pasteurising is a great way of preserving your juice because pasteurised juice can be stored for anything up to 2 years.

Pasteurisation is a straight-forward process which simply involves carefully heating the juice to 75°C and holding it at that temperature for 20 minutes. The aim is to stop the juice from fermenting and kill off any organisms that could cause the juice to spoil. The process, if done properly, doesn't affect the flavour of your juice - that fresh apple flavour will still be there!

Using a hob is possible but it is very difficult to keep a steady temperature and the juice invariably ends up with a cooked-apple flavour. If the temperature dips below the required level at any stage the juice will not be properly pasteurised.

The simplest option is to use a purpose-built pasteuriser. With our Stainless Steel Digital Pasteuriser you can pasteurise your juice with confidence. It has a digital thermostat and timer for accuracy and ease of use. A buzzer sounds when the temperature is reached and the timer begins from that point. An alarm sounds when the pasteurisation time finishes.

Your juice can be pasteurised one of two ways with our pasteuriser:

  • In the bottle - our bottles are strong, ideal for pasteurisation and come with caps which create a really good seal. You can pasteurise 13 bottles at a time in our pasteuriser. Juice can keep for up to 2 years in (unopened) bottles.
  • In the bag of our Bag-in-Boxes - these are very much like wine boxes but have bags which suitable for pasteurisation. When cooled you place the bag in to the box and pull the tap through the flap. Juice can keep up to a year in (unopened) bags.


When your juice is pasteurised (and cooled!) you can put your feet up and drink your home-pressed juice at a more leisurely pace.

Other uses

Our pasteuriser can be used for other useful purposes:

  • Pasteurising cider - a "belt and braces" way of stopping cider from further fermentation, and essential for ciders which are naturally sweet or have had sugar added after fermentation
  • Bottling fruit & vegetables - you can preserve fruit and vegetables in preserving jars
  • Mulling cider or wine directly in the tank of the pasteuriser and serving it into glasses via the handy tap
  • Use it as a tea-urn
  • Make yoghurts
  • Use with the Juice Extractor Top and extract juice (or make cordials) from your currants, berries, hard and stoned fruits

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