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10 Good Reasons to Make Apple Juice

If the delicious taste of freshly pressed apple juice isn’t reason enough, here are our top 10 reasons for making apple juice ...

1. It is an excellent way to use up your surplus apples when you’ve got enough in store and your freezer is full of stewed apple!

2. They are your apples and you know their origin. They are of good quality and probably chemical free. The juice you make will be pure and fresh pressed (not made from apples that have been sprayed with the chemicals used in non-organic commercial orchards, and not made from apple concentrate shipped half way around the globe).

3. You can experiment with different varieties of juice to get an amazingly wide range of flavours, rather like wines:

  • Apple varieties that have a good balance of flavour, sweetness and acidity are excellent for single variety juice, such as Discovery, Annie Elizabeth, Falstaff, etc. We had a blind tasting here at Vigo - see our Juices as Tasty as Wines article for the results, as published in the Kitchen Garden magazine
  • Why not try juice made from cider apples? Our West Country neighbours love it!
  • Some apple varieties are better when blended to create a really tasty juice – we like sweet Cox blended with tangy Bramley but the choice is yours!

4. Pure apple juice has proven health benefits. The old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” still holds fast! As one of your ‘5 a day’ fresh pressed juice is high in vitamin C and also contains vitamin A. Pure apple juice also contains minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants, which research has shown help protect against cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease, while improving memory and bone density. Juice is quite a power-pack of good things from a natural source.

5. Apple juice really is easy to make and juicing equipment is simple to operate:

  • Collect your surplus apples
  • Wash them in fresh water
  • Crush in an apple crusher or manually by pounding in a bucket with a length of clean timber – chopping isn’t enough and liquidising is too much!
  • Press the crushed apples in an apple press

6. You can drink your juice straight off the press, keep it in a fridge for up to 3 days, or, for long-term storage, freeze it in cartons or pasteurise it (using a pasteuriser) in strong glass bottles or bags of suitable bag-in-boxes. Buying good quality apple juice can cost £2-£3 a bottle or carton, so making your own all helps with the weekly budget!

7. It needn’t be costly. If budget is limited, you can start with a small amount of kit and then build it up as you go along, for example, buy the best press you can afford and crush the manual way as a stop-gap until you can afford to buy an apple crusher. If, however, you are really oppressed by masses of apples and you have money put aside, you could buy the complete kit and launch into the sort of juice production that will meet your juice needs for an entire year! A complete kit will contain a crusher, press, pasteuriser and bottles or bag-in-boxes (the latter 3 products are to enable the long-term storage of juice).

8. Apple juicing is a fun and fulfilling activity. It’s also a great excuse for a get-together with family, friends or neighbours. From gathering the apples, to using the equipment (children must be supervised), to sampling the juice as it runs off the press, there’s something for everyone to do. Many community groups have been set up as a result - old orchards have been restored, new orchards planted, and Apple Days have been hosted. The more the merrier!

9. Nothing is wasted ...the spent apple pomace (the left-over crushed and pressed apple residue) is rich in nutrients and is an excellent addition to your compost heap. Layer it with other vegetative waste so it can rot down to provide fine manure for vegetables and soft fruits. It’s also great food for the birds.

10. Turn it into cider! Last but by no means least, once you have your freshly pressed juice you can turn your hand to a drop of cider making. It’s one more, and some would argue the best, traditional way of preserving juice! Making cider is really quite straightforward. With a cider making kit of fermenters, yeast, hydrometer, campden tablets and syphon tube, you could have your own fruity and potent cider in a few months’ time. Cider-making is the root-source of many a good party: at pressing time in the autumn, blossom time in the spring; supplying refreshing drinks in the summer and, of course, for wonderfully jolly Wassailing parties in the dead of winter!

Can you think of more reasons to make apple juice? If so email us at

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