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More fruit-related guides

10 great reasons to make apple juice or cider

It's hard to top the taste of freshly pressed apple juice or carefully crafted homemade cider!

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Is my cider ready to drink?

At its simplest cider is ready to drink when it tastes good. But being ready to drink and being

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How to store your apples

You may be too busy for juicing over the next couple of weeks, you may want to wait for a sunny

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How do I preserve my apple juice?

You've pressed the apples from your very own trees and have oodles of delicious apple juice, but

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Common cider making questions!

The process of cider making is relatively straight forward, but if you’re new to cider making it

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'Hot off the press!' from Grow Your Own magazine

Wondering what to do with your ripe fruit and veg? Vigo has many years of experience in blending

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Try bottling fruit!

Bottling in preserving jars is a time-honoured way of preserving fruit and is one of the only

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Elderflower Cordial

As the warm spring weather enlivens the trees with fresh green leaves and delicate blossoms,

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10 top tips on planting apple trees!

Growing more of our own produce is becoming a big priority as food prices rise and we’re more

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