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The Orchard Project

'We’ve been using Vigo Presses since we were first established back in 2008, back then we were known as The London Orchard Project, a couple of name changes later and nearly a decade of working with communities orchard groups across the capital and beyond we’re now simply known as The Orchard Project.

This national charity inspires and trains communities to create, restore and maintain orchards for the benefit of people, communities, and the environment. Its project managers and consultants work in hubs across England and Scotland. We’re proudly the country’s largest national community orchard charity and we've created and restored over 250 community orchards. Running training with adults, in schools, and at orchard heritage events and numerous orchard enterprises.

From starting out with a 36 Litre Press and Classic Crusher A we’re now at a commercial scale with a juice and cider production facility in Herne Hill, London. It’s great to know that as we’ve scaled up Vigo Presses have helped us at every stage of our growth. The original equipment is still a focal point at all our community event days as tasting proper fresh pressed apple juice is a real revelation for most people. As once you’ve tasted the supermarket alternatives it’s never quite the same. Especially if your apples have gone into the mix.'

Kath Rosen CEO, The Orchard Project

Starting up your own group

For handy tips on setting up your own 'fruit group' or Apple Day, including the juicing equipment you might need, see our Community Juicing pages.

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