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Our press was shown at the Malvern Show on countryfile on the 30th October 2018

Monty Don uses a Vigo Press & Crusher on BBC Gardeners' World:

Monty Don crushed and pressed apples at Longmeadow. His verdict of the juice? “It’s rich, amber coloured ... It [the press] has turned what was going to be a waste product - windfall apples - into fresh apple juice.”

Bob Flowerdew uses a Vigo Press & Crusher on BBC Gardeners’ World:

“Autumn is the season of apples – the ideal crop for the busy gardener, vast quantities, requiring almost no attention. But you can only store and eat so many … All over the country apples are going to lie under the trees and rot. I have the answer … You can make your own lovely pure, maybe organic, juice …

Look at the lovely colour – the taste is delicious. Preserve the juice in either wax cartons or plastic bottles and put it in your freezer. But apple juice doesn’t actually go off – it turns to cider, that’s not such a bad thing either! Lovely stuff!”

Andrew Blackford uses a Vigo Press & Crusher and wrote in The Kitchen Garden:

'If you’ve never pressed apples before, you’d never believe they could surrender so much juice: 50 per cent or more of their weight if you are lucky.

Our juice was an education: its colour, a deep brown, was far darker than the stuff bought in cartons and its scrumptious, full bodied flavour put the commercial offerings in the shade, too. Our home-pressed product was far “apple-ier”, we agreed. Resisting the temptation to enjoy it as juice, we risked all on our cider-making enterprise. So what does it taste like? “Robust, challenging, but decidedly drinkable.'

Dr Stephan Buczacki uses a Vigo Press & Crusher and wrote in the Guardian:

'Wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of apples was carted to the compost heap. Our salvation came last year with one of my most valuable acquisitions for many a day: a fruit press. No apple is now wasted, for they all go through the slicer and into the press, emerging the other side as beautiful apple juice, to be frozen quickly so that it will then last all year … Our press came from Vigo Limited'

Duff Hart-Davis uses a Vigo Press & Crusher and wrote in the Independent:

‘The arrival, via Father Christmas, of juice-pressing equipment has given our household a new dimension. At first I looked askance at the sturdy little press, like a barrel, with its green enamelled iron and upright oak staves set slightly apart. The device was made in Hungary and seemed rather primitive, the sort of thing that peasants use: was there not some more modern electrically driven equivalent?

My reservations proved ill-founded, for the press not only works beautifully but is great fun to operate. Over the New Year we collected up a few cider apples which had got left in the grass beneath the trees, gave them a perfunctory wash and fed them into the grinder which sits on the top of the press. After a minute or two the juice began to ooze out between the slats, and suddenly, with a couple more turns of the screw a rush of it burst out all around, running down into the collecting channel at the bottom and out into the waiting bucket. It was perfectly delicious, its almost overpowering sweetness tempered by a fresh natural edge such as one never finds in commercial products.

The first production did not last long. It was so good that we showed off by offering it to guests, who downed it by the pint...

A great truth has dawned on us: that almost any home-grown fruit, in its due season, can be profitably squeezed... Never again will we leave a surplus crop lying on the is particularly gratifying to be able to say to a visitor, “Do have some apple juice – it’s home-made.'

Tony Gentil Marb DipIPRA, Powys Apple Doctor & Orchard Consultant with over 40 years of experience, wrote:

'In my opinion Vigo equipment is to juicing what Aga equipment is to cooking.'

Pamela Deschamps uses a Mehu Liisa Steamer and wrote in The Kitchen Garden:

'I had never used a fruit steamer but it is a simple clean operation which quickly converts soft fruits into delicious drink concentrates which set your taste buds tingling'.

Caroline Pakenham, author of Making Jellied Preserves, uses a Mehu Liisa Steamer and wrote:

'I have been using a muslin and up-turned chair for straining for so long that I believed I couldn’t use anything else but I have to say that I have been experimenting with the Mehu Liisa Fruit & Veg Steamer and have found it very quick. It isn’t too expensive and I would highly recommend it as a juicer and a steamer for all soft and stoned fruits in the making of jellies.'

Ann Somerset Miles, independent food writer, trials our Fruit & Vegetable Drier and wrote:

'The fruit and vegetable drier is a smart, compact unit supplied with excellent instructions and guidance for its use.' Click here to download Ann’s full 'Dry goods' article which featured in Organic Gardening magazine. NB Article size: 1.5KB

'Hot off the press!' Article in Grow Your Own magazine

Preview: 'Wondering what to do with your ripe fruit & veg? Our director, Bee Hill explains how to make delicious juices and pressés....' Click here to download article. NB Article size: 2.87MB

'Get Juicing!' feature in Grow Your Own magazine

Preview: 'Are your fruit racks full to the brim and windfalls gathering on the ground? Don't worry - you won't need to tip that fresh, crisp harvest into the compost heap. This month, the Vigo team has shared its top 10 reasons to turn your excess apples into a refreshing juice....' Click here to download article. NB Article size: 1.25MB

Gardener and writer Ann Somerset Miles uses our stainless steel pasteuriser and wrote:

‘If you want… apple juice which will keep, the final step is to pasteurise it; the instructions with the Vigo temperature- and time- controlled pasteuriser are excellent and easy to follow.’ Click here to download the Ann’s full article which featured in Organic Gardening magazine and mentions some of our other products. NB Article size: 2.93KB

Vigo Harvesting products tested by Grow Your Own magazine

We were delighted when Grow Your Own magazine approached us wanting to test our harvesting tools... Click here to download the test results featured in the August issue. NB Article size: 816KB

Vigo Preserving products tested by Grow Your Own magazine

We were thrilled when Grow Your Own magazine got in contact with us again – this time wanting to test our preserving products... Click here to download the test results featured in the September 2013 issue. NB Article size: 1.55KB

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