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Pressing & Bottling Service

Find out more about our pressing and bottling service.


Never use rotten apples for pressing juice. The golden rule is that you don't press what you wouldn't want to eat. Ideally we need your best apples to be bagged in 25kg bags. You can purchase these here: Apple Sacks


We then wash your delicious apples until sparkling clean!

Crushing & Pressing

The clean apples are then crushed into pulp and presses to extract the delicious juice.

Bottling & Packaging

We can bottle your juice into 750ml Green or Clear Glass Bottles which will be followed by pasteurising to help maintain the shelf life of your juice.

Where to Find us

We are located in Whimple, Exeter, Devon. You will have to drop your apples off to us at our orchards.


Minimum of 10 sacks of apples for pressing service. Price: £1.35 per bottle includes pressing, bottling & pasteurising. Pouches & Bag in in Boxes also available.

To make use of our service, please call us on: 01404 822925

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