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Our standard 30 litre fermenter is suitable for fermentation and short term storage of cider. The Speidel 30 litre fermenter is suitable for longer term fermentation and storage of cider. The larger Speidel fermentation tanks are suitable for those making cider on a larger scale. It is generally accepted that cider is likely to be of a better quality if fermented in larger volume containers; this may be because the cider is less susceptible to fluctuations in temperature or because it ferments more smoothly.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Youngs 5 Lite PET Demi - John  with Cap 5 Litre PET Demijohn complete with cap 92603 £3.16 In Stock
Fermenter 5 Litre Young's Fermentation Vessel with Lid 92601 £5.65 In Stock
Fermenter 10 Litre Young's Fermentation Bucket With Lid 92602 £6.85 In Stock
vigo fermenter with handles 30 Litre Standard Fermenter 92600 £19.50 In Stock
30 litre Speidel Fermenter 30 Litre Speidel Fermenter 92607 £34.99 In Stock
Spiedel Tap Replacement Tap for 60, 100 & 200 Litre Speidel Fermenter 79728 £7.00 In Stock
60 litre Speidel Fermenter 60 Litre Speidel Fermenter 92409 £64.00 6 In Stock
100 litre Speidel Fermenter 100 Litre Speidel Fermenter 92410 £96.00 In Stock
200 litre Speidel Fermenter 200 Litre Speidel Fermenter 92411 £172.00 Back Order
300 litre 300 Litre Speidel Fermenter 92412 £249.00 5 In Stock
Speidel 500 Litre 500 Litre Speidel Fermenter 92413 £432.00 2 In Stock

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