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Make Cider

Cider is fermented apple juice. Cider Making is the traditional way of preserving apple juice and turning it into a very palatable alcoholic beverage. You may be surprised that home made cider is more fruity and potent than many commercial brands but many of the latter contain no more than 30% apple juice, the manufacturers having succumbed to the temptation to dilute the product. Here's your chance to discover the real thing!

What you'll need...

To make your own homemade cider you will need the following equipment:

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How to crush apples and our range of purpose-built apple crushers.

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How to press apple pulp, our range of presses, and other fruits that can be pressed.

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How to ferment apple juice, our cider making kits and range of fermenters.

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Pasteurising sweetened cider

How to pasteurise cider sweetened with sugar and our range of pasteurisers.

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Storing cider

How to store cider and our range of bag-in-boxes and bottles.

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Common cider making questions!

The process of cider making is relatively straight forward, but if you’re new to cider making it

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Cider Storage

If your cider is ready to bottle or bag, we have all that you'll need - from bag-in-boxes and

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Create Cordials

Savour the taste of summer even in the depths of winter with delicious cordials made from

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